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Confident, personality driven speaking for your every community need.

Blockchain conferences to web3 workshops. Podcasts to events. Product launches to panels.
Ease on Stage
With Mark, it’s like chatting with an old friend—except this friend has hosted over 100 podcast episodes and has shared the stage with tech’s brightest at events like VivaTech and Paris Blockchain Week.
The art of the Question
Mark asks the questions everyone’s thinking but no one’s saying out loud. He turns Q&A into an art form, like here with Tezos founder Kathleen Breitman
Knowledge Meets Fun
Mark brings the fun to fundamentals, mixing expertise with entertainment. He’s the reason people actually stop looking at their phone at the conference and listen.

No more awkward, boring, badly hosted panels at your conference

When did people stop listening? When did the talk, panel or workshop become a time for your visitors to check their phone? Send an email? Post on LinkedIn about the very conversation they’re not listening to? Mark Fielding is your go-to speaker, moderator, and panellist who knows how to get to the heart of the matter with just the right question, and keep the audience engaged.

As seen on TV

This was a documentary on the nascent metaverse for Global News Corp. 

VivaTech: Quantum 101

Quantum technology is a new frontier of innovation that will revolutionize many industries, such as computing, communication and life sciences. However, the technology still needs to become more efficient and scalable. How does quantum work? What new computing capabilities does it unlock? When will the technology reach maturity? And what are the best practices and strategies to prepare for the quantum future? 

VivaTech: Quantum 102

This was the second panel on Quantum computing. Joe Broz, Head of Quantum at IBM was joined by Joe Fitzsimmons of Horizon Quantum and Aracelli Venegeras of Qureca. 

VivaTech: Fireside Chat With Kathleen Breitman

Blockchain technology stands as a cornerstone of decentralized innovation, offering businesses a pathway to enhanced security, efficiency, and transparency. Its prowess lies in enabling trustless transactions, smart contracts, and immutable data storage, revolutionizing sectors from finance to supply chain management. Despite recent cryptocurrency setbacks, blockchain’s underlying utility remains robust, with growing emphasis on interoperability and sustainable solutions. As we navigate its evolution, questions of scalability, regulation, and integration with existing systems are paramount. How will blockchain’s potential reshape industries, and what safeguards are needed to bolster its trustworthiness amid market fluctuations?

Paris Blockchain Week: Corporate Social Responsibility In The Blockchain Era

A panel with Circle VP of Impact, Mercina Tillemann, Kenneth Kou of Mercy Corps and Blockchain For Good Head of Operations Jacques-André Fines.

Paris Blockchain Week: Digital Transformation & Public Policy

This was a panel with Clara Guerra, Director at the Office for Financial Market Innovation and Digitisation of Lichtenstein

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