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Writing for your every narrative need.

Long form articles, to newsletters. App copy to fiction. NFT lore to CEO interviews. Scripts to character.

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These brands trust me

Always creative. Always original. Unique. I make no apologies for being a prolific writer.

I can help you write copy, screenplays, music reviews, books, PR, manifestos, app copy, articles, blogs, educational deep-dives, scripts, computer game narrative and dialogue. 

I’ve written across genres and platforms, from the philosophical depths of self-published Stoic fan-fiction, to literary NFTs, app copy for sports brands and thought leadership on the impact of emerging technologies on business and culture

Look, you can settle for less. Or, If you seek a versatile, creative, independent and ridiculously motivated writer, you won’t find better than me.

That’s a guarantee.

At least not at my price point. 

My work has appeared in the blogs and pages of Fortune 500 companies.

In the apps of global brands.

In print. In digital.

I’ve interviewed directors, artists, musicians and founders.

I’ve brought their stories to life.

Enhanced brand identity.

For those that say, “Mark, you should specialise.” I say, “No.” 



Mark writes: emerging technologies

Mark writes: Web3 & Metaverse

Mark writes: Press releases

Mark writes: White papers & technical writing

What I write about when I write about technology

I specialize in exploring the intersections of advanced technology, business, and culture. 

My expertise spans a range of ground-breaking fields including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, entertainment, and blockchain. 

I conduct in-depth research and development to uncover the multifaceted impacts of these technologies, translating complex technical information into clear, accessible content that engages a broad audience.

My work involves exclusive interviews with industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators, enabling me to craft comprehensive articles and reports that elucidate the implications of technological advancements. 

Quantum Computing

Demystifying its potential to revolutionize data processing and security

Artificial Intelligence

Highlighting its transformative role in business and society


Analyzing the adaptation to digital trends, including the rise of NFT funding and Film3


Exploring genetic engineering and longevity and the impact on humanity

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